“... is all about purism, in every facet of her clothing. She works with clear lines and iconic, smooth silhouttes. As she herself puts it, she puts her faith in a serenity “from which comes a power and charisma, that influences the wearer of the clothing.” The designer, who founded her label four years ago, adheres to an integrated concept, where each piece of clothing joins a growing collection. Longevity is at the center of Claudia Bertini`s designs, so excellence in execution and the use of quality materials - linen, finespun cotton, corduroy and wool are particularly important to her. Her current designs are inspired by a study sabbatical at the Lanificio Ricceri in Prato, Tuscany, one of the world`s leading textile makers. The complexity of the manufacturing processes made a strong impression on her. "Textiles are the engine of everything," she says, "I would never cut corners in that area." The trip to Lanificio Ricceri was like a return to her roots, as her great-grandparents originally came from Tuscany. (Text: Booklet Voguesalon 2019)